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Rip-Off Report Complaint Proven to Be "F" by the BBB

BBB puts "F" on the Ripoff Report. See detals at BBB Details About Rip-Off Report Ranking.

Rip-off Reports is BANNED or DISALLOWED in many countries. Rip Off Reports are labeled as a SCAM or Internet Fraud by business information experts such as lawyers Minc LLC or Wikipedia. Many have written magazines and/or web pagers explaning these mony-driven SWINDLER.

Infotivity RipOff Report with Many Rip Off Complaints

Many countries all over the world have BANNED Rip-off Report totally. No Infotivity rip off problem! Link to organizations such as the BBB, Wikipedia, and Minc web pages below:

Wikipedia analyzes Rip Off Report.

Wikipedia lists Fraudulent Ripoff Report results in these links:

Minc LLC Lawer Lists Many Rip Off Problems

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