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Infotivity RipOff Report is Absolutely Perfect!!

The best reporting ever! A large number of consultants, businesses and governments have tested Infotivity rip off tests numerous times, with not one person having the means needed to identified if any person was able to like an Infotivity rip-off traveling many years to the company's startup in 1981. The BBB rated Infotivity as A+ in every of it's offices each year. The issue was always the same: never was any problem or claim of Infotivity rip off, complaints, ripoff, or scam of any description reported.

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Infotivity Fraud, Crook, Hoax, or Scam NEVER Mentioned!

As you will read later, many organizations have reviewed us, and none of them have mentioned any of these words to describe our compmay. Started in the early 1980s, Infotivity has never been described like that.

The BBB Tests are VERY Highest on Infotivity Scores

In all this time ALL organizations such as companies, consultanting groups, and experts that tested Infotivity for Infotivity complaints, complaint, fraud, rip-off, Infotivity ripoffs, negative rip off Internet fraud, scam, qualifications, or any Infotivity rip off report that could harm an customers.

BBB Rankes Infotivity A+ Based on Qualifications

BBB provides tests for rip off over all past years, and does NOT report even ONE ripoff Infotivity complaints of any type. A report was never found about of any ripoff any typs. See the BBB details of Infotivity A+.

MANY good qualifications and comments have been receiced over the many years, and ZERO Infotivity rip off complaints. Some good examples being listed from the listed below.

This Video Score BBB A+ about Infotivity

Review the detailed videor about RFP products scoring the "Most Recent Customer Qualifications" at Infotivity BBB A+ Video. BBB always accepts Infotivity rip off complaint at any of it's location, and it is still waiting for the FIRST complaints or rip off!

Infotivity Technologies, Inc. Receives the BEST BBB A+ Rating

NO complaint of ANY TYPE about an Infotivity rip-off complaints was identified by BBB for all year of Infotivity operations. Go here to see all all details - Infotivity Score of BBB A+.

NO Infotivity Rip Off Even Exists, as IDENTIFIED PROVEN by Independent Experts


Scamadviser - Proof of NO scam - Trustscore 100%. - is absolutely NOT a scam website, and is legit and safe to use.


WebsiteOutlook - Web Reliability and Statistics - NO Infotivity Rip-Off or Fraud report - Online since 1995. Reliable, Trusted Web Site.


Distributions Many Infotivity Product Graffics A Long Term, Refiable Vendor.


Uses by the Federal Government - Verifys No Infotivity rip off, Long Term Use, - Examples of qualifications and automated evaluation tools by the federal government.

TOP of the Expert Findings of Infotivity Rip Off.


Rip Off Testing and PROVEN FALSE!

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